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Friday, 27 March 2020

Best hairstyles for men

Best 5 hairstyles for men 

Men like to try different types of hairstyles. Sometimes you trying a popular hairstyle, trending hairstyle, hairstyle of a celebrity or even your relative friend’s hairstyles as well. But, are all of these hairstyles applicable for your face, body tone or type of hair? No! So, you must follow the most applicable and best haircut for you. Here’s some best hairstyles for men. Try the best!

1.    The Quiff Hairstyle for Men

This style  is coming with volume hair. And this is applicable for long, triangular shape and box-shaped faces. And this will give its best look for any type of skin tone. But, it may best with lite skins. This is consisting of highly, mediumly or low faded sides and brushed back or sidelong top hair.

2.    The Buzzcut Hairstyle for Men

There is no list of best hairstyles for men without this buzz cut and this is one of the trending haircuts among men. And this is one of the simplest hairstyles. And this is simple to maintain as well. Because the buzz cut consists of highly faded hair. Sometimes this hairstyle may consist of hight fade on the side and medium fade on top or sometimes it may hight fade for whole hair.

3.    Ivy League Hairstyle For Men
This hairstyle brings a professional look for men. This consist of a short trim on the side and top. And it keeps long hair on the fond side to comb aside. This is making a great look for men with strong jawline or high cheekbones. And this is applicable for any skin tone.

4.    The bun Hairstyle for Men
This is an iconic and historic hairstyle among eastern men for a long time. And now it becomes a modern classic style among men everywhere. Anyone can personalize the size of bun, length and high of wearing bun according to the length of hair and face shape.

5.    The box cut For Men
Box cut is also a popular and simple haircut among male hairstyles. It is consisting of boxed shape trimmed hair around the top hair and mediumly trimmed hair on top. This style is also applicable for any skin tone and any face shape.

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